HBX hosted its first-ever vintage and archival sale, HBX Market

HBX, a global e-commerce platform and retail destination, debuted its first-ever HBX Market,  a 2-day pop-up dedicated to pre-owned fashion at Hong Kong K11 MUSEA’s modular creative and community-driven space, CEMENT. The pop-up offered rare finds from HBX Archives, and featured a carefully curated pre-owned and vintage collection from local creatives including Gareth T., Gigi Cheung, kayan9896 and Jim Yan, as well as vendors from the likes of FIBER, hideandseek, Sing Jai Kee and WHERE. Taking place from November 25 to 26, HBX invited its community to discover and add a selection of rare and unique pieces to their personal collection.

Bringing a curated collection of vintage and archival fashion to life, HBX Market showcased fashion items that were once loved and cherished. These archival pieces pass on the cultural legacy of fashion, and also preserves the historical significance of the brand. Having withstood the test of time, their imperfections have become a defining characteristic. Some of the collaborating vendors that brought in their vintage collection include: 

  • FIBER, a vintage boutique that explores the beauty of the past and today’s sustainable fashion trends, will showcase its carefully curated selection of products, inviting visitors to explore elegance and uncover unique charm within each piece.
  • hideandseek brings together a mix of established and emerging fashion brands from Japan and around the world, with a belief in creating a unique and fun shopping experience for all customers. Embracing simplicity, functionality, and unusual details, hideandseek will showcase a diverse range of styles including military, minimalist, casual denim, and more.
  • Founded in 2018, Sing Jai Kee is a vintage shop in Sham Shui Po that offers carefully curated products selected by the founders. While reflecting the brand’s philosophy through their selected pre-loved items, the founders aim to inspire a love of vintage clothing and promote vintage culture among more people.
  • WHERE. is a lifestyle fashion select shop in Hong Kong that focuses on simple style with selected historical brands. Its purpose is to let customers feel the charm of high-quality clothing.

HBX Market also showcased pre-owned fashion pieces from Hong Kong creatives Gareth T., Gigi Cheung, kayan9896 and Jim Yan. Embracing a more sustainable lifestyle and making a positive impact on the community, part of the profits generated from the sales of items from these creatives will be directly allocated to support Share for Good, Hong Kong’s first large-scale crowd-donation platform. 

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