Jun Takahashi paints a portrait on the cover of 'Hypebeast Magazine #32: The Fever Issue'

Hypebeast, a leading platform for men’s contemporary fashion, unveils the latest edition of Hypebeast Magazine, the Fever Issue (#32). The 256-pager highlights creatives who embrace the speed, chaos, and whirlwind of the present, as well as those who outright reject it and march to the beat of their own drum through boundary-pushing artistry. 

This is indicative in the painting that adorns the cover by Jun Takahashi, founder of the trailblazing brand UNDERCOVER. The designer only recently debuted his striking, enigmatic painting practice to the public, despite quietly honing his studio art skills over the past decade. In its exclusive interview, Takahashi discusses why now was the right time for him to share his canvases with the world, and how his approach to painting is a foil to his work at UNDERCOVER. 

The Fever Issue also includes features on emerging icons and established luminaries such as Thug Club and Mowalola, two clothing brands who are carving their on path while injecting fresh life into the global fashion industry, as well as nascent design talent like Small Talk Studio, Karu Research, and haute couture hat-maker Benny Andallo. 

Elsewhere, it spotlights the work of sui generis artists like Peter Sutherland, Emma Stern, Matthew Burgess, and the McGloughlin Brothers, as well as give the mic to art-world iconoclast Jon Rafman who penned an essay on AI’s potential to enliven image-making. There’s also features on lifestyle golf brand Metalwood Studio, musicians Paris Texas and Destroy Lonely, a look inside the DIY life of food pop-up series Shy’s Burgers, and high-speed hang with the daredevil behind the Citi Bike Boyz. 

This issue also got a shine-blocking fashion portfolio full of next-level sunglasses by Maya Margolina, a global guide to independent radio stations, a tutorial on how to make nuanced imagery using AI, and a survey on artists who use clothing and textiles as their medium of choice. 

Hypebeast Magazine Issue 32 is currently available on hbx.com. 

Media inquiries: media@hypebeast.com 

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